Business Policies

Policy Statement For Employement, Working Hours And Remuneration

  • Vone Jewels shall comply with applicable law on working hours.
  • Vone Jewels shall ensure that wages and benefits for a standard working week shall meet at least national minimum standards and shall be sufficient to meet the basic needs of workers.
  • Vone Jewels shall provide employees with all legally mandated public holidays and leave, including maternity and paternity, compassionate and paid annual leave.
  • Vone Jewels shall provide all employees with a workday break in accordance with applicable law.
  • Vone Jewels shall pay all employees a wage rate for normal hours worked, not including overtime, based on the higher of either the applicable legal minimum wage, plus associated statutory benefits, or the prevailing industry standards. Wages paid on a performance-related basis shall not be less than the legal minimum wage for a normal working.
  • Vone Jewels shall ensure that comparable wages are given to all employees for carrying out work of equal value with processes to assess and remediate any potential wage disparity that discriminates against any category of workers.
  • Vone Jewels shall reimburse overtime work at a rate at least equal to that required by applicable law or a collective bargaining agreement or, where unregulated by either, at a premium rate at least equal to the prevailing industry standards.
  • Vone Jewels shall not make deductions for disciplinary purposes.
  • Vone Jewels that provide wage advances or loans shall ensure that the interest and repayment terms are transparent and fair, and not deceptive to the employee.
  • Vone Jewels shall ensure that all benefits are given to employees in accordance with applicable law.

Policy Statemnt For Child Labour

  • Vone Jewels shall not engage in or support child labour as defined in ILO Convention 138 and Recommendation 146.
  • For authorized adolescents (persons below 18 years of age but above 15 years), the entity management is responsible for providing working conditions, hours of work and wages in compliance with applicable local laws as a minimum.
  • If a child is found working at Vone Jewels, either own or subcontracted, the responsibility of rehabilitation will be undertaken by the management.
  • The above policies will also be applicable to subcontracted labour.

Policy Statement For Harassment, Discipline, Grievance Procedures

  • Vone Jewels shall ensure that employees are treated with dignity and respect and are not subjected to harassment or violence, or threatened with these towards themselves, their family or colleagues.
  • Vone Jewels shall have clear, confidential and unbiased grievance procedures and investigation processes and actively communicate these to all employees.
  • Employees acting individually or with other workers shall be free to submit a grievance without suffering any penalty or retaliation.
  • Vone Jewels s assures Grievance procedures shall be designed to function effectively and reach a timely outcome.
  • Records shall be kept of employee grievances raised, investigation processes and outcomes.

Policy Statement For Human Rights

  • Vone Jewels in committed to and implements, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • Vone Jewels will not interfere in the right of employees to observe tenets or practices based on caste, race, national origin, gender, religion, disability, union membership, or political affiliation
  • Vone Jewel discourages any form of sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative behavior.
  • Security personnel, if employed by Vone jewels shall respect the human rights and dignity of all people and use force only when strictly necessary and the minimum proportionate to the threat.

Policy Statement For Product Disclosure

  • Vone Jewels shall not make any untruthful, misleading or deceptive representation, or make any material omission in the selling, advertising or marketing of any gold, silver and PGM materials, jewellery products, diamonds, coloured gemstones, or treated, synthetic, reconstructed, composite or simulant diamonds or coloured gemstones. Vone Jewels follows internationally accepted standards.
  • The fineness of gold, silver or PGM shall be accurately disclosed by Vone Jewels in accordance with applicable law or industry standards.
  • The description of the plating and fineness or content of material used shall be equally conspicuous as the word ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or the PGM or abbreviation.
  • Treated diamonds and treated or heated coloured gemstones shall be disclosed as either ‘treated’ or with specific reference to the treatment. The description shall be equally conspicuous as the word ‘diamond’ or the name of the coloured gemstone. Any special care requirements that the treatment creates shall be disclosed.
  • Wholly or partially synthetic diamonds or synthetic coloured gemstones shall be disclosed as ‘laboratory created’, ‘laboratory grown’ and/or ‘synthetic’.
  • Composite (or assembled) diamonds and coloured gemstones constructed of two or more parts shall be disclosed as ‘composite’, ‘assembled’, ‘doublet’ or ‘triplet’, and by the correct name of the material of which it is composed. The description shall be equally conspicuous as the word ‘diamond’ or the name of the coloured gemstone used.

Policy Statement For Wastes And Emissions And Natural Resources

  • Vone Jewels shall apply the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and recover to minimise environmental impact where applicable, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency in alignment with COP 27 (Use of natural resources).
  • Vone Jewels Discharge or dispose of wastes and emissions in compliance with applicable law or, where applicable law does not exist, in line with prevailing international standards.
  • Vone Jewels In alignment with the approach required for COP 24 (Environmental management), members shall monitor energy and water use in their business and establish energy and water efficiency initiatives.
  • Vone Jewels shall identify other significant natural resources used in their business and seek to ensure their efficient use.
  • Vone Jewels Members shall work towards using renewable energy in alignment with national frameworks, targets and/or legislation.

Policy Statement For Supply Chains, Human Rights And Due Diligence

  • Vone Jewels works together with our business partners to comply with laws and regulations.
  • Vone Jewels ensures that human rights and environmental standards are not violated either in our own business area or in the supply chain.
  • Vone Jewels is obliged to ensure compliance with human and environmental rights in our supply chain applies above all to our direct suppliers
  • Vone Jewels If receives information about a possible violation of human rights or environmental standards, we act immediately.
  • Vone Jewels communicates annually with stakeholders about their human rights due diligence efforts and remedy activities in accordance with COP 3.
  • Vone Jewels maintain’s internal material control systems that can reconcile movement of inventory in and out over a given time.